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Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon- November 8th

I decided to do this race with a couple of friends as I had heard good things about it. I was not very well prepared for it as I had traveled a lot in October, on a bike trip to Tuscany. However, I needed something to keep my training up and a girls weekend sounded fun. This race is very popular, with probably 20,000 people in it. It is flat, very scenic, and has bands and crowd support all along the route. I paced myself well and finished in 1:42:20, about what I expected and 4th in my age group.

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Tugaloo Olympic Distance Triathlon, Lavonia, GA – Sept 13th

This is one of my favorite end of the season races! I have done it about 10 times, winning it a couple of years. It is not an easy race, a hilly bike course that can be windy and a hilly, hot run. I love the swim in Lake Hartwell. My swim time was 24, the bike 1:18, and the run a 46:11. Since this is a time trial start race it is hard to know what place you are in while racing. For once I was chasing someone, instead of being chased. This helped me to run a little faster. However, I did not gain enough time on her and so I finished 2nd overall with a time of 2:31:07. This race was strange for me because I lost my voice two days before it, could not speak above a whisper. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, but they did not help. I felt okay otherwise so I decided to race and just see how it goes. I was happy with my race and even won a pair of Mizuno running shoes for the fastest transitions for women!

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USAT Olympic Distance Nationals, Milwaukee, WI – August 9th

Since this race fell on my 50th birthday, I wanted to celebrate my new decade by racing. I had not done Nationals in a few years and I had heard this was a good location. The city was very welcoming to thousands of trigeeks invading it in spandex. This is a very competitive race and even in my new age category, there were many fast women! The swim was wetsuit legal, in a somewhat protected area of Lake Michigan. I did well on the swim, got out away from the crowd and finished 2nd, on the heels of the winner. I swam a 21:33. The bike course had some hills and wind but not terrible. This was probably my weakest part of the race, my split was a 1:11. The run was flat but not shaded and it got hot. I managed to gut out a 46:40 and ended up 12th in my age group with a total time of 2:23:02. I was excited to accomplish one of my goals for this race, a slot to Worlds next year in Chicago!

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Crows Lake Sprint triathlon, Jefferson, GA – June 22

I wanted to do this race as I needed a short race before nationals and it was close to my area. It is a Georgia Multisports race and has a good course. The swim was fine in a small lake, then I got onto the rolling bike course and about halfway through the 13 mile bike course, I got a flat. I could not believe it, this was the first time I had ever had a flat in a race in 20 years! I guess my time was due. I got out all my gear to fix it and it turned out that I did not have the inner tube with a long stem, thus I could not fix the flat. What a bummer! I got a ride back to the start from my good friend, Brian Duffy, who was in the support truck, and I completed the cross country 5K run.

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Ragnar Relay- Cape Cod, MA May 9 & 10

This was my second running relay event and my first Ragnar. I was part of an 11 person team, and total we ran 220 miles, ending in Provincetown with a big celebration. About 2-3000 people compete in this race, it is just crazy with support vans all over the place and funny costumes. I enjoy the challenge of this race, running 3 “legs”, each with different distances and at different times of the day. One run is always at night so I have to practice running with a headlamp. It tests your adaptability as you are in a van with 6 people for two days, eating, running, and recovering. I ended up running about 16 miles total, and had the most number of “kills,” (when you pass another runner). I met new friends and saw the beautiful coast of Cape Cod at a slow pace!

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St. Anthony’s Olympic distance triathlon, St. Petersburg, FL –April 26

This race is a classic race that has been held for about 20 years. I did it about 8 years ago as it was the kickoff to the triathlon racing season. There are pros that race in the first wave and then 5000 other triathletes are sent in waves into the bay. It is very well run and the weather is usually very nice, but hot. My husband and I went down to race and we both got first in our age groups! The swim was rough for the 2nd part, and it was wetsuit legal. The bike is flat but technical and crowded. The run is flat but very hot. I swam a 24, which I expected, and biked a 1:11, ran a 48 which was slow for me but the heat got to me the 2nd half. My total time was 2:26:51.

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Hot Chocolate 15K Atlanta, GA – Jan 26, 2014

I like to run this race as there are not a lot of 15k races to compete in and it is a fun distance. I had taken some time off from running after last season as my plantar fasciitis had flared up. This was a good race for me, I did a 1:11:52 and finished 6th in my age group. I was using this race to help prepare me for a half marathon in a month that I was planning to do.

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Vera Bradley Half Marathon Seaside, FL – March 2, 2014

This year was the third time I have done this race, although it was not my best race there. I did not feel well, perhaps the biking we did the day before did not help. The weather was good and I was there with a bunch of girlfriends for a fun weekend. I finished in 1:42:25, 4thplace in my age group. It is a good race to do, very pretty course and a fun party atmosphere afterwards!

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Rev 3 Olympic distance tri- October 13, 2013

This past weekend I traveled to Anderson, SC with my good friend and training partner, Hayley Parker. We had trained together for the past few months for the Half Ironman but I have been fighting plantar fascitis and decided to do the Olympic. This was her first Half since her bike accident three years ago.

It was beautiful weather for the race, 60's and cloudy. The water temp was 76 degrees so it was wetsuit legal. There are two transition areas in this race, which makes it logistically tricky but the Rev 3 people are very organized and it worked out great. I watched Hayley go off in her wave, and mine was the last one. The swim was well marked with 8 buoys and I felt pretty good, coming out in third place for the women. There were alot of waves ahead of me to swim through.

The bike was a challenging, hilly course and I was passing alot of people. I felt good and tried to go as fast as I could on the downhills and flats, of which there were not many. I averaged 22 miles per hour and was in second place off the bike.

The run was not as hilly as I expected, some long inclines but I felt strong, my first mile was 7:00 so I told myself to ease off a little. The support at the aid stations was great and there was one every mile. My foot was sore but not to the point of running on my toes. I ended up running 44 minutes, 2nd place overall with a 2:21. I was happy with that and went out on the course to cheer in Hayley. I had heard the Rev 3 races were well organized and family friendly and I was not disappointed. I would look forward to racing another one in the near future.

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Tugaloo Olympic Distance Triathlon- Sept 7, 2013

This past Saturday I raced at Tugaloo, a classic OD race that has been around for many years. I like this one, as it is at Lake Hartwell, where we train all the time. This is a challenging course, the bike is hilly and so is the run. I started the day off with a flat tire on my back wheel, but luckily they were able to fix it in transition. The weather was great for this race, sunny and warm. I had a pretty good swim, since this is a time trial start, people are spread out and there were other swimmers that were my speed around me. The sun does make seeing the finish line on this course challenging!

The bike is very hilly the first 5 miles, but then it smooths out and rolls through the farmland. The last 5 miles you hit the hills again. I felt pretty good although my bike split has been better. The run was up and down through campgrounds, with some shade. I felt okay, I have had some issues with plantar fascitis recently so my running is not where I think it can be. I ended up 2nd overall female, with a 2:35, 17th out of all participants. I feel this was a good race to help me get ready for the Rev 3 1/2 ironman in October.

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