Here are the links:

Roswell Bicycles store
Multisport Explosion triathlon team
Local cycling club for adults and children
National triathlon site
Where to find races in all states
Endurance team relay
Good online source for triathlon gear


Triathlon Packing list

Pre Race:

Sandals or comfortable shoes
Comfortable warm up clothes
Bag to put everything in
Plastic trash bag (to cover items if raining)
Sunscreen, sticks are good or spray so hands are not greasy
Permanent marker (for self body marking if needed)
Pre and post race nutrition
Race nutrition (fluid and calories)
Current USAT card and ID
Money (just in case)
Headlamp (for dark mornings)
Personal music player
Bike pump
Bike repair kit and tools (no CO2 if flying)
Watch or other GPS device
Electrical tape (to secure timing chip and gel to bike if needed)
Bright towel or transition mat
Bright bandanna or chalk to mark your transition spot

Race/Post Race

Race suit (1 or 2 piece)
Goggles (2 pair, 1 tinted, 1 clear)
Swim cap
Wetsuit or speedsuit (or both just in case)
Small grocery plastic bag to use in getting into wetsuit and for wet gear)
Lubricant (trislide or similar)
Bike (clean and tuned)
Bike shoes
Bike socks (if desired)
Cold weather gear (gloves, sleeves, toe covers)
Rubber bands
Running shoes (race and trainers so you can warmup if later start)
Running socks (if desired)
Baby powder (to put in shoes)
Hydration belt or hand bottle (if desired)
Race belt (for number)
Hat or visor (bring two as one will get wet in the race)
Small towel (to dry off or sit on)