Ragnar Relay- Cape Cod, MA May 9 & 10

This was my second running relay event and my first Ragnar. I was part of an 11 person team, and total we ran 220 miles, ending in Provincetown with a big celebration. About 2-3000 people compete in this race, it is just crazy with support vans all over the place and funny costumes. I enjoy the challenge of this race, running 3 “legs”, each with different distances and at different times of the day. One run is always at night so I have to practice running with a headlamp. It tests your adaptability as you are in a van with 6 people for two days, eating, running, and recovering. I ended up running about 16 miles total, and had the most number of “kills,” (when you pass another runner). I met new friends and saw the beautiful coast of Cape Cod at a slow pace!