Tugaloo Olympic Distance Triathlon- Sept 7, 2013

This past Saturday I raced at Tugaloo, a classic OD race that has been around for many years. I like this one, as it is at Lake Hartwell, where we train all the time. This is a challenging course, the bike is hilly and so is the run. I started the day off with a flat tire on my back wheel, but luckily they were able to fix it in transition. The weather was great for this race, sunny and warm. I had a pretty good swim, since this is a time trial start, people are spread out and there were other swimmers that were my speed around me. The sun does make seeing the finish line on this course challenging!

The bike is very hilly the first 5 miles, but then it smooths out and rolls through the farmland. The last 5 miles you hit the hills again. I felt pretty good although my bike split has been better. The run was up and down through campgrounds, with some shade. I felt okay, I have had some issues with plantar fascitis recently so my running is not where I think it can be. I ended up 2nd overall female, with a 2:35, 17th out of all participants. I feel this was a good race to help me get ready for the Rev 3 1/2 ironman in October.